Star Micronics MG-S8200 NTEP Scale - 18 lb / 8.20 kg Maximum Weight Capacity ADAPTER USB CABLE INCL

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The NTEP certified MG-S8200 is used for large capacity measurements. With the ability to measure substances up to 8200g or 18lb, this scale is highly accurate and can weigh small scale inventory, produce, and some deli products. Measures in 1.0 g increments.



With a waterproof and dust-proof cover and NTEP certification, the mG-S8200 is highly accurate and ideal for large capacity measurements in a variety of industries including warehouse, shipping, grocery, and cannabis. The mG-S8200 is certified for cannabis sales in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and California.


With an easy-to-use, future-proof design, the mG-S8200 offers software support for Windows, iOS, and Android, making the process of adding the scale to an existing system an easy process. The mG-S8200 can connect through three different types of interfaces including Bluetooth BLE, USB, and serial. The scale can also be powered either by a battery or through an outlet to allow for portability.